Sanuki udon making tour

Sep 15th 2019 (Tour finished for 2019)


7:30 Departure from Tsuda
Ride on Miyajima SA
11:30 Everybody loves the direct market
Shopping at Sansan Market
12:15 The largest Manno Pond in Japan
Kobo Daishi praying at Jinno-ji Temple in connection with Kukai
13:30 Arrive at Udon Ibuki
Enjoy the taste of a famous restaurant (lunch)
Udon making experience
Knead, stretch and cut udon balls
Udon noodles made as souvenirs
15:00 Depart Ibuki
Get off at Miyajima SA
19:15 Return to Tsuda

* Included in the cost
・ Udon making experience
* Other information
・ Jinno-ji Temple

Tour description

Experience making udon at the popular shop Ibuki of Kagawa prefecture’s soul food “Sanuki Udon”.
It’s the first time you step on a udon ball, stretch it with a rolling pin, or cut it with a big knife!
You can take your udon home as a souvenir.
Iriko, the decisive factor for soup stock, was selected from the owner of the udon shop owner, Ibukishima, and ordered.
You can also buy that specialty at the store.
Speaking of Kagawa Sanuki, Kobo Daishi Kukai.
Also visit the spiritual spots “Mannoike” and “Jinnoji” related to Kukai.
After a trip, enjoy homemade udon at home.
It is a popular tour that you can enjoy twice during your trip.

Tour fee

Adult 9,800 yen (tax included) Child 6,800 yen (tax included)