Countryside Experience and Tsuta Autumn Festival

Oct 2019 (Tour finished for 2019)

Experience rural living in a 150-year-old farmhouse!
Visit Tsuda Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival and participate in rice cake firewood!
At a farmhouse in a mountain village, you can cook rice in a furnace, cook home cooking, and experience a simple daily life. I feel like I came to my relative’s house for a rest
It is a tour to spend the autumn in the countryside.
From the afternoon, the climax of the autumn festival. A portable shrine carrying the god of gods parades around the town and arrives at the shrine, observing the dedication dance. When the ceremony is over,
“Mochi Maki” that everyone is waiting for! The mochi thrown from the turret is a little hardened.
It hurts a bit when hit and it’s a bit dangerous, but everyone is crazy.
Experience the countryside in our old tradition.