Initiatives for safety

  • We, Tsuda Kotsu, received the “one star” certification, the first step in September 2011, in the chartered bus company safety evaluation certification system!
    In chartered bus company safety evaluation authorization system, we received “two stars” authorization in this December 2018!
  • This system evaluates and certifies the status of efforts to ensure safety and safety based on applications from chartered bus operators, and announces them at the Japan Bus Association. The operation started in 2011.
  • The certified operators are announced on the websites of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Japan Bus Association. By displaying a symbol on the employee’s website or employee’s business card, etc., you can tell from the appearance that you are a certified company.
  • This will make it easier for users and travel agencies to select more secure chartered bus operators, and through the implementation of this system, it will increase the awareness of chartered bus operators for ensuring safety. The purpose is to promote initiatives and contribute to providing safer chartered bus services.

Company Profile

tsuta Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Location 〒738-0222 4771 tsuta, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
phone number 0829-72-0338 (main)
FAX number 0829-72-0475
Type of business General passenger car transport business (taxi business)
General chartered passenger car transport business (bus business)
General shared passenger car transportation business (route bus business) (travel business)
Hiroshima Prefectural Governor Registration No. 2-400 (Travel)
Establishment May 1954
Executive Representative Director Shizuko Kurata </​​td>
Employee 20 people
Business description Operating reservations for various taxis and chartered buses and arranging dispatches
Various vehicles -4 large buses, 1 medium-sized bus, 1 microbus
・ One lift bus, one small sightseeing bus
Staff All crew members will always try to provide service and ensure a safe, secure and comfortable trip. We always aim to work to meet the needs of our customers.
Environmental initiatives Replacement with new long-term emission-compatible vehicles with improved environmental performance.
Equipped with an air-conditioning system that thoroughly seeks comfort, environmental performance and economy.
Main customer Hiroden Chugoku Shimbun Travel Co., Ltd., Hiroko Tourism, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Nishikigawa Railway Co., Ltd., Chocho Travel Co., Ltd., Union Travel Hiroshima Co., Ltd.・ Japan Travel Co., Ltd. ・ Tavix Japan Co., Ltd. ・ JAL Travel Co., Ltd. ・ Hankyu Express Co., Ltd., Member of the Japan Travel Association, etc.


May 1955 Established Tsuda Taxi Co., Ltd. (2008-7 Tsuda, Saiki-cho, Saiki-gun)
April 1979 Established general chartered passenger car transportation business
July 1982 Relocated headquarters to 4197-5 Okiyokoya, Tsuda-character, Saiki-cho, Saiki-gun
October 1990 Relocated headquarters to 4771 Tsudajirin, Saiki-cho, Saiki-gun
April /1992 Changed company name to Tsuda Kotsu Co., Ltd.
October 1996 4305-8 Miyauchi, Hatsukaichi-shi Miyauchi sales office opened
March 2003 Relocated headquarters to 4771 Tsuda, Hatsukaichi due to merger
May 2003 Relocated 4462-1, Kunihiro, Miyauchi, Hatsukaichi-shi sales office
December 2012 Registered as Hiroshima Prefectural Government Travel Business No.3-400
August 2016 Travel business 2-400 registration change

Safety policy

We believe that ensuring transport safety is paramount,

Prioritize safe operations over all operations,

All employees work together,

By ensuring safety management,

We will constantly improve transportation safety.

1.Compliance with related laws

2.Continuous improvement

3. Disclosure of information



Feel free to contact us

TEL +81-829-72-0338

Reception: Monday-Friday 7:00-19:00 (taxi until 24:00)