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Tondo matsuri and red stamp tour

Tondo means to send Toshigami with flame by bringing in New Year’s decorations such as shime rope, kadomatsu and calligraphy.
It is said that eating dumplings and rice cakes baked with tondo can help you stay healthy for one year, and that the better you write when the beginning of the book is soared on fire, the better you will be.

Megahira ski and hotspring resort

Megahira ski and hotspring resort

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Kagura Experience and Kagura show

Watch the Tsuda Hachiman Shrine Dedicated Night Kagura! Every fall, we hold a fall festival to thank God for the safety and harvest of the year. On the eve of the festival, a ritual to greet the gods is performed, and then Kagura is dedicated.

Country Life Experience and Tsuta Autumn Festival

Experience rural living in a 150-year-old farmhouse! Visit Tsuda Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival and participate in rice cake firewood! At a farmhouse in a mountain village, you can cook rice in a furnace, cook home cooking, and experience a simple daily life. I feel like I came to my relative’s house for a rest It is a tour to spend the autumn in the countryside.

Sanuki udon making experience tour

Experience making udon at the popular shop Ibuki of Kagawa prefecture’s soul food “Sanuki Udon”.
It’s the first time you step on a udon ball, stretch it with a rolling pin, or cut it with a big knife!
You can take your udon home as a souvenir.

Saiki area ``Tsuwan Kaido`` downtown walk

While walking along the Tsuwano Highway, which has a remnant of the past, walk along the Tsuda Road from the pass in the Saiki area, visiting historical and historic sites.
In addition, please take a walk while watching the scarecrow of Tsuda town.

Mt. Ohmine tour

The large panorama that can be seen from the summit is really wonderful, and you can overlook the Seto Inland Sea and the city of Hiroshima in the south.
After Shimoyama, we visit a place related to the novelist Yoko Ota from the Saeki region. (Pick-up may be by taxi)

Tsuwano Kaido Kurisu-Akutani Valley Course

Tsuwano Kaido is a major road in the Edo period that connects Hatsukaichi and Tsuwano. It played an important role in cultural exchange and development, and was also used to replace Tsuwano clan. Let’s enjoy the historical road where the stone pavement is reminiscent of the work of the Saeki region.

Welcome to Hiroshima

Check out the information for useful tips!

Miyajima Ropeway

The information for the ropeway to the top of Mt.Misen in Miyajima island.Click for more »

Sakura bus

Megahira ski & hotspring resort

Information for Megahira ski and hotspring resortClick for more »

JR West Japan Sanyo line

Information for JR West Japan Sanyo lineCheck for more »

Local events

Local festivals

Coastal region introduction video


Mountainous area introduction video


Oct 8th 2017「 Furnace Experience and Tsuda Hachiman Autumn Festival」

A movie from one of the tour participants! Gabriel Doria!

About Tsutakotu

For orders such as chartering large sightseeing bus,

Tsuda Kotsu is your choice! Sightseeing bus company in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima!

Company Profile

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Initiatives for local support

We are planning a trip between the coastal area and the mountainous area utilizing the local resources of Hatsukaichi City.

An experience that is a bit different from previous trips that value interaction with people and the community!

For staffs

Gallery of the mountain sides and around Hatsukaichi

Yoshiwa -winter-


Tondo festival


Mt. Ohmine


Countryside Experience and Tsuta Autumn Festival


Ohmushi -Secret waterfall-


Miyajima oyster


Saeki area tsuwano highway


Megahira ski and hotspring resort




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